University Dental Hospital

Security Department

The General Administration of Security and Safety aims to maintain the safety and security of hospital personnel, patients, and visitors, and to maintain the safety of buildings and properties in the University Dental Hospital and achieve security and safety in all departments of the hospital. Moreover, Achieving a safe work environment free of any hazards and safe from sources of risks in addition to the application of the quality management system.

The importance of the availability of security

The importance of security in the hospital lies in:
  • Good organization of students and patients within the facility and to prevent overcrowding and familiarize patients with the various hospital departments.
  • Maintaining security within the hospital, maintaining staff, visitors, and patients and protecting properties inside the hospital hallways.
  • Reduce the damage caused by daily accidents, if any, such as quarrels or otherwise.
  • Preservation of property and protection from theft and Damage control.

Duties of security management systems

Security policies and procedures are ongoing as long as security is required in the hospital by implementing local and international security laws and regulations.
  • Implementing emergency and evacuation plans which improved tremendously after many trials of several emergency evacuation drills for various reasons such as security threats and natural disasters.
  • Maintaining internal security by organizing the flow of visitors, patients, workers, and students, and also provide a secure atmosphere for work, moreover, implementation of the decisions of the Administrative Department to determine visiting hours and eliminating any causes of inconvenience or security violation.
  • Implementation of the quality control policy, which includes training of staff and perform quality checks to meet our quality standards.

Risks at the hospital

  • Thefts
  • Sexual harassment
  • Congestion
  • اQuarrels
  • Others

Security measures

  • Duties and responsibilities of security personals
  • Access control procedures and entry processes for employees and visitors
  • Rescue and emergency procedures
  • Disaster response
  • Violence in the workplace
  • Security training programs
  • Conducting Internal investigation
  • Dealing with security incidents
  • Dealing with security threats
  • Organization of congestions and maintaining work flow
  • Issuing Security permits such as security cards
  • Properties protection
  • Dealing with controlled substances such as drugs
  • Dealing with sexual harassment
  • Security surveillance systems

Required courses in the security department

  • Duties and responsibilities of security personnel
  • Security Procedures in special cases
  • Major tasks of security personnel
  • Effective security supervision


  • solutions for current security problems
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