University Dental Hospital

Information Technology Department

The IT department consists of two main divisions:
  • Information Systems Division
  • It is the division responsible for managing and operating the hospital's health system (R4) and assisting medical staff in maintaining and solving problems and difficulties encountered in the electronic health system. Also, developing the website of the University Dental Hospital to cope with the rapid development process in the world of the Internet in addition to managing the content of the website and also the content of the display screens in the hallways of the hospital with up to date announcements and educational content. Finally, it’s our division duty to create accounts s and e-mail and modify the data of users if needed and solve all problems of electronic systems.

  • Technical Support Division
  • Our division is responsible for the maintenance of the hospital's network and computers and the installation of hardware and software and periodic maintenance of accessories and printers and other attachments. In addition, the maintenance of teaching aids necessary for training. Moreover, preparing and equipping the new computers in a way that suits the university requirements before handing them over to medical staff and employees.

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