University Dental Hospital

With the conciliation of God and the continuous support and generous care of the university administration, the University Dental Hospital was opened on 04/04/2013, the hospital is the tangible reality that the Faculty of Dentistry strived to reach. It contains ten major medical departments in various dental specialties supported by the presence of more than 400 therapeutic dental clinics and various radiology and sterilization units, in addition to the availability of dental and prosthetic labs fixed and equipped with the latest Medical and Dental technologies and equipment. It also includes the finest doctors and academics as well as technical and administrative teams with higher degrees and outstanding experience in their fields. The hospital has contributed to the community by providing mobile clinics aimed at providing therapeutic and awareness services to a variety of society members. The hospital is a suitable learning environment to train students of the Faculty of Dentistry at King Abdulaziz University and beyond from various health sectors and enrolled in postgraduate programs and medical fellowships in all disciplines of dentistry. Finally, I ask God Almighty to reconcile and bless the continuous efforts to continue this process and make it in the balance of the good deeds.

Vice Dean and Director of KAU Dental Hospital
Prof. Ayman Abdulaziz Abdullah Aldrab

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